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Senate immigration votes roll in


Jerry Moran

, Republican of Kansas, and Sen.

Roy Blunt

, Republican of Missouri, have released statements explaining their votes against the so-called border “surge” amendment to the Senate immigration bill.

Moran also plans to vote agains the whole bill, his statement says.

“Americans want Congress to fix our flawed immigration system the right way, and fix it for good,” Moran’s statement says. “A 1,000-page bill that the Congressional Budget Office estimates would only reduce the number of illegal immigrants by 25 percent does not meet this standard.”

Blunt: “I voted against proceeding to this amendment because I am concerned it does not adequately put border security first, which must be our top priority.”

Blunt is also expected to oppose the final immigration reform measure.

No word yet from Sen.

Pat Roberts

or Sen.

Claire McCaskill

. More when we get it.