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But Moran disagrees

After touring a manufacturing plant in Kansas City, Kan. Thursday (more below), Sen.

Jerry Moran

declined to join colleague Sen.

Pat Roberts

in calling for Attorney General

Eric Holder’s


“You’re asking me a question I haven’t thought about,” Moran said. “I certainly have complaints about the way Eric Holder has conducted the office of Attorney General. That’s all I have at the moment.”

Later, the junior senator from Kansas said he was reluctant to call for Holder’s ouster because of a general belief that the president should be able to name his or her own team.

Moran toured the CertainTeed fiberglass insulation plant in the Fairfax district of KCK Thursday.

The plant — which has the capacity to make more than one million pounds of spun glass insulation each


— is working at about 40 percent of its capacity, plant officials told Moran.

The reason? The slump in home construction.

“We’ve been down for quite a while,” said CertainTeed engineering manager

Ron Rodvelt

. “Housing is very important to us.”

The plant’s main manufacturing line has been closed for more than a year.

Moran said he hoped housing was beginning a rebound, which would mean more jobs at the plant.

The Teamsters Union represents the workers at the massive facility, in the north end of the district.