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TheChat: Joe Biden taking a long, hard look at White House 2016

Here we go.

▪ ▪ “Leaning toward.” — The Wall Street Journal describing Vice President Joe Biden’s thinking about a 2016 presidential race.

But that thinking came with a giant caveat. Biden is leaning toward the race if he can throw together a competitive bid at this late date. And it is late by presidential campaign standards. Late entries typically don’t fare all that well.

▪ “It’s time for Republicans to go with and line up behind a proven winner.” — Missouri Republican gubernatorial candidate Peter Kinder making his pitch to voters at this year’s annual Governor’s Ham Breakfast at the Missouri State Fair.

Five current or potential GOP gubernatorial candidates were at the breakfast with Kinder leading the pack in the early going. (link via

▪ “I’m enjoying catching my breath.” — Paul Davis, the 2014 Kansas Democratic gubernatorial nominee, reflecting on what might lie in his political future.

Some Democrats are encouraging Davis to run for Congress in 2016 against 2nd District Rep. Lynn Jenkins. Others are urging him to wait for another run for governor in 2018.

▪ “We got really good at reading and math achievement. Now we’re going to have to get really good at successful young adults.” — Randy Watson, Kansas’ new education commissioner, discussing the state’s educational emphasis in the wake of No Child Left Behind.

The change marks a sharp turn from the focus on standardized tests in a state that has higher rates of jobs requiring post-secondary education.