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Circo launches new PAC

Interesting move on Wednesday from Kansas City Councilman Cindy Circo.

She announced the creation of a new political action committee called Growth and Opportunity for KC. The nickname is sleaker: “GO for KC.”


The stated purpose of GO for KC is to “support candidates and programs with a shared vision for expanded growth and opportunity in Kansas City.”

But those close to Circo are saying GO for KC is all about building a broader political base for Circo as she begins looking at a run for higher office. Those offices could include mayor of Kansas City — Sly James probably has


six more years left, assuming he wins re-election in 2015 — or Jackson County executive.

The current executive, Mike Sanders, is expected to run for a third term next year, but has been long known to be considering higher office.

“I’m excited to launch GO for KC because right now Kansas City may be the most exciting city in the country,” Circo said in a statement.