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Roberts still not satisfied with IRS answers

Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts is still struggling with answers he’s receiving from top IRS officials about the agency’s targeting of conservative groups.

Roberts is a member of the Senate Finance Committee, which held a hearing Tuesday on the issue.

“I was disappointed with both former IRS Commissioner Shulman’s and former IRS acting commissioner Miller’s performance in today’s Finance Committee hearing,” Roberts said “While Mr. Miller at least apologized for the targeting of conservative groups on his watch, Mr. Shulman refused to take any responsibility.

“We unfortunately have more questions than answers after today’s hearings. Who was involved in the juvenile plan to plant a question for Lois Lerner in order to leak out the results of the investigation before it was made public?

“Where exactly does the buck stop at the IRS? And perhaps most important, if Mr. Shulman’s excuse that the IRS is overworked, overstretched and too distant from their core mission is to be taken seriously, how can this organization be trusted as the primary enforcement mechanism of Obamacare?

“The American people should not be forced to fear of the taxman, yet under this regime it appears they had good reason to. We need answers, the American people deserve answers, and it is my sincere hope that the Finance Committee continues to pursue this matter until sufficient answers are received.”