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No tolls, no gas tax, no sales tax, so....

Answer: You don’t.

With the General Assembly once again passing on a financing plan for the $3 BILLION reconstruction and widening of I-70 across Missouri, one has to wonder:

How’s it ever going to get done?

Lawmakers have methodically rejected funding scheme after funding scheme. The lastest came Friday when lawmakers said no thanks to a 1-cent sales tax.

Regardless of how you felt about that idea -- it probably wasn’t the best option -- the state is left with a huge, unanswered question of how to rebuild the state’s most important highway.

The sales tax idea went down in flames after lawmakers started to fret over the portrayal of the tax increase as the biggest in state history.

That’s tough campaign rhetoric to overcome.

Lawmakers appear dead set against tolls, even though the Kansas experience with its Turnpike has been generally positive.

So, what to do?

Gov. Jay Nixon surely will be asked that question at his end-of-session news conference. His answer should start the conversation on a question that surely will be back next year.