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And the right shall rise again

The political pendulum is in motion again.

And it threatens to smack unsuspecting Democrats firmly on the back side.

With a handful of scandals, or mini-scandals, depending on your point of view, all coming to light at once, the right has been handed enough fodder in the last week for three campaign cycles.

The only saving grace for the left: The proliferation of stupid stuff comes in May of a non-election year and at the tail end of many state legislative sessions around the country.

Let’s be clear: The proliferation of all this sorry news gives the right new credibility on voter fraud, an issue the left has regularly denounced, and the whole notion of big government run amuck.

That the shadow of Richard Nixon and Watergate

looms over all this doesn’t help matters for Democrats.

It all adds up to a sizable and what should be a sustained boost for Republicans who are desperate to regain a foothold in the 2016 race for the White House. With the specter of a Hillary Clinton candidacy, many commentators had already written off GOP prospects.

President Barack Obama’s job approval ratings — now at 49 percent approve, 46 percent disapprove — are destined to dip.

Fundraising for Republican candidates is destined to receive a significant pop.


now questionable J.J. Rizzo election of 2010

will become a poster child for Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach and others who have spent years railing about voter fraud in U.S. elections. The reason: The vote of Rizzo’s uncle, and most certainly his wife, actually swung the election to Rizzo instead of his fellow Democrat, Will Royster.

That this case made a difference gives Kobach a perfect example.

The IRS targeting of conservative groups is a scandal that

continues to grow

now that three new offices have been identified as also involved in pursuing conservative groups. This is a simple, easily understood story that voters get.

Now that that we’ve learned that the Justice Department

secretly obtained

phone records of reporters and editors at the Associated Press, look for the rest of the mainstream news media to rush to the AP’s defense.

This is one of the rare moment when a lot is happening quickly, and it’s all working against Obama and the Democrats.

This week will have ramnifications for a long, long time to come.