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The Monday map

Important stories we’re following this week:


The Missouri legislature

. Lawmakers adjourn Friday, with a few loose ends to tie up. But the major decisions on the budget and taxes have already been made. Now we’ll wait for

Gov. Jay Nixon

to veto the tax cut bill, setting up a battle in September during the veto session.


The Kansas legislature

. Kansas lawmakers are already in their wrap-up meeting with little progress to report on the tax cut stalemate. That could change this week. If it doesn’t,

Gov. Sam Brownback

will have some explaining to do.


IRS scandal

. It’s everything Benghazi isn’t — simple, obvious, outrageous. We’ll know more Tuesday about the taxman’s focus on conservative groups.


Jackson County reappraisal

. So far the outrage has been limited to a handful of neighborhoods. If it spills over into general discontent, it could be an issue for lots of office holders, including Mike Sanders, Jackson County executive.


Kathleen Sebelius

. The former Kansas governor and now HHS secretary will face growing pressure to straighten out the Obamacare messaging problem. The clock is ticking.