The Buzz

Who’s soaring? Who’s flailing?

↓ President Barack Obama:

Benghazi, IRS scandal signal rise of second-term curse.


Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon:

Medicaid expansion, Nixon’s #1 agenda item, already ancient history. Must stare down major Kansas-style tax cut bill. DMV funding still an issue. And GOP leaders more aggressive than ever. Not the smooth second-term start he sought.


Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback:

Fellow conservatives still balking at extending sales tax. This wasn’t the way it was supposed to be.


Missouri state Sen. Will Kraus:

Lee’s Summit Republican guides big tax cut package through Senate results in big uptick in gravitas.


Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts:

With wild card Congressman Tim Huelskamp in the fold, Roberts has fourth term in the bag. Could be easiest Senate re-elect campaign in nation.


Kansas Democrats:

They need to find credible opponents for Brownback, Roberts. They say they’ll produce them, but we’ve heard that before.