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Jay is AAA all the way

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon is out with a news release this morning reminding Missourians — and maybe more specifically, lawmakers themselves — that the state is maintaining its AAA credit rating.

The reminder comes the morning after the GOP-led General Assembly

signed off

on an income-tax cut for businesses and individuals aimed at keeping Missouri competitive with Kansas. Critics of the plan have said the state can’t afford the cuts.

Nixon hasn’t said whether he’ll sign or veto the bill. But he’s suggested that he has problems with it.

The governor’s reminder about the state’s AAA rating also comes the same week that

Nixon warned

of the possibility of lay-offs and cuts in the vehicle licensing division in response to a legislative budget that gives the agency money to operate for only two-thirds of the next fiscal year.

In a statement, Nixon pointed out that two top global credit-rating agencies, Fitch Ratings and Standard Poor’s, had “reaffirmed” Missouri’s top AAA rating.

“Our top AAA credit rating saves taxpayers millions in interest and demonstrates to businesses around the world that Missouri is a safe place to grow and invest,” Nixon said. “These strong ratings are a testament to our strong record of fiscal discipline, and they reinforce the need to continue to manage the state budget in a fiscally responsible way.”

We’re taking this as another hint that Nixon doesn’t like either bill.