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The Monday map

The top five stories on our radar:


Senate sales tax vote

. The Senate votes Monday on a bill that would require Internet merchants to collect sales taxes. The issue doesn’t fall along regular party lines, so we’ll have who-decided-what on Monday.


Curfew in KC?

The annual wrestling match over restrictions on rambunctious kids in Kansas City is expected to continue. Big issue: How to target party-going teens without an apparent racial bias.


Kansas legislature goes back into session on Wednesday

. Speaking of sales tax — Kansas has to figure out whether to keep all of its current levy, or kick back 6/10ths of a cent to, you know,




Missouri General Assembly continues its push on Kansas-style tax cuts.

But what we don’t know is what kind of bill Democratic Gov.

Jay Nixon

can accept. That is, literally, a multi-million-dollar question.


Sanford v. Colbert Busch

. The South Carolina special House election is a

dead heat