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Confusion still a big problem with Obamacare

Half of all Americans — half — apparently don’t have enough information about Obamacare to decide if they like it or not.

That’s one finding in a new

public opinion survey

by the

Kaiser Family Foundation


The survey shows more people dislike the

Affordable Care Act

than like it, but that many Americans remain quite confused about the law.

Overall, 35 percent of those surveyed have a very favorable or somewhat favorable view of the act, which fully kicks in next year. Forty percent have a very or somewhat unfavorable view.

But 24 percent — one-quarter of the country — either refused to answer or don’t have an opinion.

Newspapers, radio, and online news sources are providing some information about the plan. More than a third of the survey’s respondents said they had seen, read, or heard about the law in the last 30 days on one of those media.

Just 19 percent said they’d seen something about the law on local TV news.