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Auditor hits state agency for flying Jay Nixon to disasters

Missouri Auditor

Tom Schweich

, like many Republicans, is still angry at Gov.

Jay Nixon

for charging airplane flights to state agency budgets.

In an audit of the

State Emergency Management Agency

released today, Schweich said Nixon had charged about $55,000 in flight costs to the agency for trips to storm-damaged areas.

It turns out no one from SEMA was on the plane, Schweich said.

“The Governor’s office has an appropriation to which travel costs may be charged,” the audit huffs.

“While costs relating to disaster assessment and recovery are appropriate for the SEMA, it does not appear appropriate for the SEMA to bear the cost of flights taken by the Governor’s office for purposes that appear to be within the scope of the Governor’s duties, especially when the flights do not include a representative from the SEMA.”

In its response, SEMA agreed to disagree.

“The SEMA will work with the Governor’s office to ensure that all travel costs paid by the SEMA for the Governor’s office are related to disaster assessment or recovery,” it said.

That, of course, is the very policy Schweich criticized.