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Lots of states not expanding Medicaid this year

Missouri and Kansas

are hardly alone

when it comes to opting not to expand Medicaid this year.

One count released last week showed that 20 states and the District of Columbia have agreed to expand their programs. That means, of course, that 30 states have not.

Among those hold-out states are some with huge Medicaid populations, such as Texas and Florida.

All this means that Obamacare will fall far short of its early goals for covering the uninsured. And it also gives rise to a guessing game of how the Obama administration and Congress might respond. Will they have to sweeten the incentives to get hold-out states on board?

The prospects of passing extra sweetners, no doubt, are slim at best, given the nation’s budget prospects. But that’s

one reason Republicans in Missouri

give for waiting. They figure they just might get a better deal next year.