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FAA vote may provide hint of arguments to come

Members of the Kansas and Missouri congressional delegations — most of the deficit hawks — decided this week that cutting government spending isn’t a good idea if people, you know, actually complain about the cuts.

Only Rep.

Billy Long

of MO-07 voted against the bill allowing the government to shift money around and end furloughs for air traffic controllers.

Republicans are claiming victory because the measure doesn’t raise taxes, it just directs the White House to cut spending in other FAA programs to pay for full hours for the controllers.

“This bipartisan solution is about safety, and is a victory for air travelers and communities nationwide,” said Sen.

Jerry Moran

of Kansas in a statement from his office.

But does the overwhelming vote show something else?

If Congress can move within hours when the traveling public complains for a few days, imagine what the stink over cutting Medicare or farm subsidies might bring.

More on this topic next week.

For the record: Voting yes —

Cleaver, Graves, Luetkemeyer, Wagner, Hartzler, Clay, Yoder, Pompeo, Jenkins, Huelskamp.

(Note: The Senate approval was by unanimous consent, not a roll call vote. Obviously, no Missouri or Kansas senator objected.)

Voting no — Long.