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Roberts pushes bill to regulate drug compounding


Pat Roberts

, Republican of Kansas, and several colleagues have released the draft of a bill designed to increase supervision of firms that mix pharmaceuticals, a process known as compounding.

The bill is designed to improve federal supervision of big firms that compound lots of drugs, while leaving regulation of pharmacy-based compounding to the states.

That means it’s designed to prevent outbreaks of contaminated compounded drugs, but would leave supervision of

pharmacists like Robert Courtney

to the states.

“This legislation was very carefully crafted,” Roberts’ statement said. “It represents a thorough and bipartisan effort to clear up any question about who is accountable for ensuring compounded drugs are safe for the patients who receive them.”

Lobbying groups for pharmacists have opposed federal regulation in the past, claiming supervision is better left to state organizations.

Courtney is in federal prison for diluting cancer drugs.