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TheChat: Missouri GOP leaders fret about crowded field for governor

Good morning.

▪ “It’s certainly going to make fundraising a challenge.” — Missouri Republican Party Chairman John Hancock on the broad field of gubernatorial candidates vying for his party’s nomination.

That’s an understatement. With a field of seven, party leaders already are growing anxious about the eventual nominee’s ability to pull together the money needed following the August 2016 primary to compete in the general against Democrat Chris Koster. (link courtesy of

▪ “It’s a pretty good test for being governor. You can’t ride the emotional roller coaster every day, and you’ve got to be tough.” — Catherine Hanaway, who’s one of those seven candidates for Missouri governor.

The GOP field keeps changing, but Hanaway is convinced that she can distinguish herself in a crowded field. Steady-as-she-goes may win the day in a field like this.

▪ I’ll never be governor.” — Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill talking about the future during a weekend forum in Kansas City.

The senator, a Democrat, was asked about her childhood dream of becoming the first woman governor in state history. At 62, that’s now off the table, McCaskill told the crowd.

▪ We live in a time when the federal government has repeatedly demonstrated diminished respect for the role of states.” — Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt about what he calls the overreach of the federal government.

Schmidt has the state tied up in several lawsuits against the federal government as a result. “I’ve done it unabashedly, because I think what they’ve done is illegal,” he said. “I also think it’s just a bad idea. Those two things aren’t in conflict.”