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TheChat: Rand Paul attacks Donald Trump (again), this time for his allegiance to the GOP

Here we go:

▪ “I probably identify more as a Democrat.” — Donald Trump as seen in a video that rival Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul released on Wednesday.

In the video, Trump is heard saying that the economy does better under Democrats than Republicans. Paul’s campaign is running the ad in New Hampshire and Iowa for the next few days in a bid to do something, anything, to slow down The Donald.

▪ “In stable condition.” — a spokesman for the family of former Missouri Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson who suffered a brain hemorrhage while on vacation.

Emerson, 64, represented southeast Missouri from 1996-2013 and was highly regarded by her peers. (link courtesy of

▪  “It is not going to be accepted by a significant voice in the body-politic in this nation — in the near term. In the longer term, I think there will have to come a time when that (national standards) will happen.” — former Missouri State Board of Education President Peter Herschend speaking of the controversial Common Core standards.

Herschend backed the standards in 2010 and described them as a way to prepare students to compete in the world economy. He now says the idea of national standards “didn’t work” because of political opposition to a one-size-fits-all approach.

▪ “He has not interceded in any legal matter for any member of his family.” — Eileen Hawley, a spokesman for Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback, speaking about whether the governor had gone to the aid of his brother, Jim, who is alleged to be something of a bully in Linn County.

Jim Brownback reportedly has been in conflict with his neighbors for years and has often said he’s above the law, given his brother’s status as Kansas governor.