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NOT the way to launch a campaign for Missouri governor

Republican Bob Dixon’s campaign for Missouri governor is off to a less-than-rousing start, thanks to media disclosures about Dixon’s past identity as gay.

The Riverfront Times disclosed the other day that Dixon, a conservative state senator from Springfield, once identified as gay in his late teen years.

A 1988 religious experience resulted in a changed man, who’s now married to a woman and has three kids.

That revelation generated a round of stories. Now, Dixon is getting national attention for another facet of this story: He opposes same-sex marriage.

“I've spent almost 23 years as a strong supporter of traditional marriage,” he said during his announcement speech.

In a statement to the Springfield News-Leader, Dixon said he had “consistently worked to treat all people with respect, understanding, and compassion, and to bring people together, not divide them.”

Apparently, he’s not talking about the matter any more.

His odds for winning the GOP nomination in a crowded field aren’t regarded as great.