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TheChat: Greg Orman declares himself “pro choice”

Good morning.

“I’m pro-choice.” — Greg Orman, the independent U.S. Senate candidate from Kansas debating incumbent Republican Pat Roberts on Wednesday night in Wichita.

Orman was unequivocal in his position, and he argued that the nation has spent enough time debating the issue and those debates prevent the country from dealing with other issues. But his stand could cost him a few votes in a state where abortion politics has remained white-hot for years. Roberts pounced on the comment. (see next quote).

“I think that’s unconscionable, Greg, I really do.” Roberts responding to Orman on the issue.

Orman’s unexpectedly blunt response gave Roberts an opening, and he seized it.

“Craphole” towns _ Dakota Loomis, a former Kansas Democratic Party communications director, referring to Kansas cities Galena, Columbus and Cherryvale.

The party fired Loomis on Thursday for the remark, and party executive director Jason Perkey condemned the comment as “reprehensible.” In a statement, Loomis apologized for “my callous, insensitive and frankly asinine comment.”

“Under no circumstances should (Catherine) Hanaway be the nominee of the Republican Party for governor in 2016.” — Nathan Adams, the campaign adviser to Missouri state Auditor Tom Schweich, who is considering a run for governor against Hanaway in the GOP primary.

Adams was reacting to Hanaway’s decision to accept a $750,000 campaign donation from conservative kingpin Rex Sinquefield. Adams said the acceptance of the contribution will only motivate Schweich more to get into the race following his expected re-election in November.

“At this point in time, that's where we are mentally is done.” — Ann Romney talking on CNN Thursday morning about how she feels about her husband, Mitt Romney, running for president a third time in 2016.

She also said her husband never says never to the idea of running again. The interview came after she said her family was “done, done, done” with her husband's presidential ambitions in an interview published Monday in the Los Angeles Times.