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UPDATE: Kinder tweet about intern sex scandals posted by staffer, campaign says, not the candidate

Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder’s Twitter account included a tweet Thursday drawing a contrast between the internal scandal of John Diehl, a Republican, and the intern scandal of state Sen. Paul LeVota, a Democrat.

In the tweet Kinder suggests there was “no complaining intern witness” with Diehl, who resigned as speaker of the House.

Kinder is running for governor.

An adviser to the campaign, Pam Dixon, called to say the tweet was posted by a staff member and not Kinder himself. The tweet is no longer on Kinder’s Twitter account.

“The lieutenant governor is on the record saying that he was in favor of John Diehl’s resignation, given the events that took place,” Dixon said. “The facts emerging on the more recent case involving a state senator speak for themselves and require no further comment.”