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TheChat: Claire McCaskill talks about what’s “unseemly” about Ted Cruz


▪ “There’s something unseemly about Cruz following Trump around like a lost puppy, hoping to get his leftovers when he finally flames out.” — Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, a Missouri Democrat, writing on Twitter about Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, two GOP presidential candidates.

Cruz remains one of the only 2016 candidates to remain mum on Trump in recent days. Cruz and Trump met last week at Trump Tower in Manhattan for what Cruz later called “a good visit.” (link via

▪  “Whoever comes out of the primary will be a good candidate, but the reality of it is they will be depleted, especially for such a high-profile race.” — Missouri state Sen. Kurt Schaefer, a Columbia Republican, fretting about the road ahead for the eventual GOP nominee for Missouri governor.

That nominee will emerge from a crowded primary, and will probably have little money as he begins the general-election campaign against Democrat Chris Koster. “That is going to be a very difficult situation to be in if you want to be successful,” Schaefer said.

▪ “Just wait until next summer in the heat of the primary when conservative voters start hearing Limbaugh’s endorsements on AM radio.” — a long-time Missouri political watcher on Peter Kinder’s secret weapon in the crowded primary for governor — Rush Limbaugh.

Both Limbaugh and Kinder have roots in southeast Missouri and are said to be long-time buddies. Limbaugh has come to Kinder’s aid before, and he’ll probably do it again.

▪  “The Lord wants our hearts to reach out to those who don't have what we have. That shouldn't be hard for America, that's who we are. Empathy. Don't be so quick too judge.” — Ohio Gov. John Kasich kicking off his campaign for president, becoming the 16th major candidate in the field.

Kasich went left in what was described as a meandering announcement address, and that suggests that Jeb Bush has his first major rival for the party’s more moderate wing.