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TheChat: Democrats start fretting about the Bernie Sanders effect

Sanders AP

Good morning.

▪ “I just hope they don’t move Hillary so far left that people believe she is out of the realm.” — West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat who supports Hillary Clinton, voicing fear about the impact Bernie Sanders’ candidacy could have on the presidential race.

Sanders’ fellow Democrats can hardly believe the crowds he’s getting on the campaign trail because the Vermont senator is something of a bit player in Senate Democratic politics. His colleagues worry about his impact on Clinton.

▪ “I’m with the people who supported Tom Schweich in saying enough with the negative campaigning.” — Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, a Republican, announcing his campaign for governor.

A lofty sentiment, to be sure. But in a crowded primary field, this isn’t going to happen. Guaranteed.

▪ “Uncertainty reigns.” — University of Missouri-Kansas City constitutional law scholar and professor Allen Rostron talking about whether local governments, such as Kansas City’s, can raise the minimum wage.

Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto of legislation aimed at preventing local governments from raising minimum wages has placed the legality of efforts in Kansas City and elsewhere in foggy territory.

▪ “The biggest disagreement is should we allow those not affiliated with a university (to intern) and if we do, how could they be policed.” — Missouri state Rep. Kevin Engler, a Farmington Republican, who is reviewing Statehouse intern policies.

The General Assembly continues to wrestle with this issue in the wake of former Speaker John Diehl’s sexting with an intern that led to his resignation. One question: Should interns be allowed in the Capitol who aren’t connected with a university program? Another question: How do you require House members to attend sexual harassment training? The Senate requires such schooling, but the House so far does not with one official saying it’s impossible to require it.