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TheChat: Claire McCaskill says Bill Cosby should be behind bars

Welcome to the final day of the week.

▪ ▪ “He probably deserves to go to prison.” — Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill saying she backs a move to rescind the Presidential Medal of Freedom given to comedian Bill Cosby.

The Democrat has championed anti-sexual assault initiatives in the military and on college campuses. Now she’s questioning whether Cosby still deserves the medal, given to him in 2002 by former President George W. Bush. “I don't think that somebody who has admitted to doing that deserves a medal of any kind,” she said. The White House is unsure about the legality of taking back the prestigious honor. (link via

▪ “I was outraged to find out that the VA would require a whistleblower – who might be testifying about his or her boss – to get permission from the boss to testify before Congress – and then must use their own personal vacation time to do so.” — Kansas Congressman Tim Huelskamp explaining why he’s introduced a bill aimed at protecting Veteran’s Administration whistleblowers.

Huelskamp said it’s time “to reward and promote whistleblowing,” not penalize it.

▪ “It means that people need to work longer hours.” — Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush in remarks to a New Hampshire newspaper Wednesday in which he pushed the idea that the country needs to be more productive.

Democrats immediately pounced on the idea that overworked Americans need to work still more. Bush attempted to clarify afterwards, saying he was talking about the nation’s 6.8 million part-time workers. Bush remains on top of the GOP pack, having enjoyed a steady rise in recent months.

▪ “Totally false reporting on my call with @Reince Priebus. He called me, ten minutes, said I hit a ‘nerve’, doing well, end!” — Donald Trump offering his version of his conversation with Republican National Committee chair Reince Priebus.

The Donald took issue with a Washington Post story that said Priebus had urged Trump to tone down his recent comments on Latinos. That’s not how it went down, Trump said. His presence in the GOP field is causing lots of heartburn these days, and Democrats are loving it. Trump is THE political story right now.