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TheChat: Hillary Clinton says she’s earned the American people’s trust

Clinton on CNN
Clinton on CNN

Here we go.

▪ “People should and do trust me.” — Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in a much-publicized interview with CNN.

Clinton didn’t make a lot of news in this exchange. She blamed a “barrage of attacks” from the right for a perception that she can’t be trusted and attacked Republicans for their positions on immigration. GOP contenders make up a “spectrum of hostility” on the issue, she said.

▪ “The American people are understandably sick and tired of these games.” — a letter signed by a group of Senate Democrats, including Missouri’s Claire McCaskill, urging leaders to reach a deal to lift congressionally mandated budget caps, saying that Americans are “sick and tired” of political games.

The letter was sent to President Barack Obama and House and Senate leaders. The senators wrote that they are deeply concerned that a continued reliance on the budget caps will “threaten our national security, undermine our economy and shortchange future generations.” It’s time, they said, to replace sequestration. (link courtesy of

▪ “A glimpse to a future that no Missourian should want.” — Steven Miller, chairman of the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission, on the department’s new five-year plan, which calls for no expansion projects during that time.

A sorry funding outlook is responsible for the no-expansion plan, a first in the department’s history. As noted in this space before, MoDOT is in the midst of an aggressive lobbying effort to convince lawmakers to boost highway funding.

▪ “The people should be allowed to decide on this issue by putting the language to a vote on a statewide ballot.” — Missouri state Sen. Will Kraus, a Lee’s Summit Republican and candidate for secretary of state, urging passage of voter-identification requirement.

A petition is circulating in the state that calls for voter ID. One issue: The Missouri Supreme Court has struck down the law in the past. Nonetheless, Kraus said GOP lawmakers would continue to push for the requirement.