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TheChat: Results of Missouri Senate probe may not be made public

Good morning.

▪ “I wouldn’t be at liberty to say right now (if the results will be public).” — Missouri Senate President Pro Tem Tom Dempsey, a St. Charles Republican, on how much the public will find out about a a “workplace harassment complaint” filed in the state Senate.

The focus appears to be the office of state Sen. Paul LeVota, an Independence Democrat. Two interns, a male and a female, left the senator’s office in March. LeVota said they were needed back at school. But the Senate has hired an investigator, and the university launched a Title IX probe. (link courtesy of

▪ “VA continues to be a major troublesome issue.” — Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt on the problems plaguing America’s health care system for its veterans.

Blunt, a Republican, is unconvinced much progress has been made in the last year since the news surfaced of long waiting lines and lousy care.

▪ “There is a possibility the rates go above where the cap is set in the legislation as we go to market with these in six weeks.” — Shawn Sullivan, Gov. Sam Brownback’s budget director, saying the state may delay issuing $1 billion of bonds to stabilize the pension system for teachers and government workers.

The issue: Interest rates are climbing, and state law caps the rate the state can pay to investors at 5 percent.

▪ “It’s very possible you could have five or six candidates all finish within a point of each other or virtually tied.” — Steve Duprey, a Republican National Committee member in New Hampshire, on the tight GOP presidential race in the state.

The crowded field turns the race “almost from a statewide race to a school board race,” Duprey said. The key to New Hampshire, experts say: Grinding it out, day after day.