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TheChat: Even Hillary Clinton gets stood up for White House meetings

Good morning to you, too.

▪ “This is the second time this has happened. What’s up???” — Hillary Clinton in a note to aides in 2009 after she showed up for a morning meeting at the White House when she was secretary of state, only to find out it was canceled.

The comment is part of a new trove of Clinton emails that the State Department released this week, and more are on the way. The email shows the former diplomat in a more human light.

▪ “Exceeded their legal authority in defining what constitutes U.S. waterways.” — Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster referring to federal agencies that he said went overboard defining the types of streams and tributaries covered by clean water rules.

Said Koster: "For example, the rule defines tributaries to include ponds, streams that flow only briefly during or after rainstorms and channels that are usually dry. The definition extends to lands within a 100-year floodplain -- even if they are dry 99 out of 100 years.” (link courtesy of

▪ The law is gray — it’s not one-plus-one equals two.” — incoming Missouri Chief Justice Mary Breckenridge explaining why judges often offer dissenting opinions on any one case.

She rejected attempts by outsiders to label judges as conservative or liberal. The reality, she said, is that judges base their decisions “according to the law.” This will surprise some people.

▪ “Like a lot of Americans, they use credit cards to pay everyday expenses.” — Michael Briggs, a spokesman for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, on the reason the Vermont senator reported between $25,000 and $65,000 in credit card debt at some point during the past year.

Sanders is said to have paid off the debt, which was connected to the weddings of a daughter and niece.