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Missouri and Kansas campaigns are scrambling for dough as June 30 deadline beckons

June 30 may be just another day on the calendar for you.

For political campaigns, it’s a monster day as operatives scramble to solicit last-minute campaign donations for the year’s second quarter. The quarter’s deadline is midnight Tuesday.

Fund-raising numbers will be closely scrutinized by those of us at The Buzz and elsewhere because the totals are seen as indicators of strength a year before the 2016 primaries.

Here at The Buzz today, our in-box is jammed with solicitations as a result of us getting on one mailing list or another.

The award for the most creative -- and persistent -- solicitor probably belongs to Jason Kander, the likely Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate. He’s challenging incumbent Republican Roy Blunt.

Kander’s sent out e-mail money “asks” from himself, his wife, his campaign manager...and his parents.

“Thank you so much for the email you sent to my supporters last week, mom and dad, but the Superman pictures were a bit much, don’t you think?” Kander wrote Monday in one email blast.

Responded his parents, Janet and Steve:

“Jason, we just needed everyone to know how adorable you were as a little kid, but more importantly, how proud we are of the man you’ve become and the kind of U.S. Senate campaign you’re running.”

Said Jason Kander:

“That means a lot to me.”

Gag us with a spoon! But you get the idea. Campaigns are pulling out all the stops. In politics, money speaks.