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TheChat: Claire McCaskill rips federal agency for falling down on car safety


Here we go:

▪ “This audit report is one of the worst I’ve ever seen in terms of a government agency. This is about blatant, incompetent mismanagement.” — Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill reacting to a scathing report that details the failings of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which is responsible for identifying auto defects and holding automakers accountable.

McCaskill said she would demand improved accountability and reforms before backing any new money for the agency.

▪ “We are here today to demonstrate the commitment of my administration, and the education leaders in this region, to actions that will ensure that all our children get the education they need and deserve to reach their full, God-given potential.” — Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon on what he called an historic agreement that provides services to the troubled Normandy and Riverview Gardens school districts in the St. Louis area.

The goal of the agreement is to provide all students with a quality education and place the two two districts on a path toward regaining state accreditation. The districts will get more money for programs, and they’ll provide more teacher training, reading and math specialists and other services.

▪ “This is a leadership opportunity for candidates to show the kind of moral clarity and risk-taking leadership it will take to lead the free world. Candidates who are skittish are demonstrating that they’re not aware of where the country is right now.” — Russell D. Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, on the failure of some presidential candidates to step forward and discuss race.

Hillary Clinton has come up big on the issue in recent weeks and visited Ferguson on Tuesday. But some GOP candidates have stumbled.

▪ “The main thrust is how do we incent new jobs and not the border-hoppers?” — Kansas Commerce Secretary Pat George on progress being made to end the economic border war between Kansas and Missouri.

George said the two states are close to an agreement, although a few issues remain.