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Claire McCaskill ranks as fourth most likely Democrat to buck her party on votes


Sen. Claire McCaskill is a Democrat, but she often touts herself as an independent voice for Missouri.

She regularly ranks in the middle of the political spectrum in annual rankings of senators on a scale of the most liberal to the most conservative.

And now comes a new list that shows she’s prone to bucking members of her own party.

An analysis by The Washington Post showed that McCaskill ranks fourth on a list of Senate Democrats who most often oppose their party’s majority on votes.

An accompanying chart suggests that McCaskill does this about 17 percent of the time.

She was the only member of Congress from either Missouri or Kansas to make the list.

That McCaskill hails from a swing state isn’t surprising. Most of the members on the list also do, suggesting that many of these members are hedging their bets politically and, yes, casting at least some votes out of respect for their divided states.