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TheChat: Some see long-term plan in further cuts to public schools


Good morning.

▪ “This was the plan all along. Get a few big districts (Shawnee Mission School District) to sign on, get it passed, don't fund it, significantly shrink government.” — former Johnson County state Rep. Stephanie Sharp, a Republican, on Twitter about the threat of sweeping cuts to schools to balance the budget.

The Shawnee Mission District signed off on Brownback’s plan to switch school funding to block grants. Sharp is suggesting that it’s now easier to shrink school spending by reducing the size of the block grants. A six-percent across-the-board spending cut could be in the offing if lawmakers can’t agree on a tax-increase package to fund state government.

▪ “You're not doing anything.” — Coleson Reinecker, 10, of Inman, Kan., to state Sen. Caryn Tyson about the lack of progress toward resolving a budget stalemate in Topeka.

Reinecker’s 9-year-old brother nodded his head in agreement. Another lawmaker, Rep. John Edmonds, a Great Bend Republican, said the two boys had it about right. “I’d say they understand the process,” Edmonds said.

▪ “Not willing to act on African-American issues.” — Missouri state Rep. Michael Butler, a St. Louis Democrat, saying that Republicans don’t want to deal with race.

Some contend that, unlike other states, Missouri basically whiffed on passing legislation this year to deal with the crisis in Ferguson. Butler was explaining why.

▪ “This is a unique opportunity to give future generations of Missourians a window into how we live now, and the many reasons the Missouri of 2015 is a great place to live, work and play.” — Gov. Jay Nixon urging Missourians to submit ideas for a 2015 Statehouse time capsule that will be opened 100 years from now.

The centennial of the laying of the Capitol’s cornerstone will take place on July 3 and will include a celebration and the opening of a 1915 time capsule. The capsule reportedly contains newspapers, a history of the state and a copy of an amendment to the state Constitution that authorized construction of the new Capitol.