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‘Doonesbury’ tackles Kansas budget dilemma

The budget battle in Kansas has made the funny papers.

Cartoonist Garry Trudeau’s Sunday “Doonesbury” strip involves a Kansas student discussing the effects of the 2012 tax cuts now at the center of the stalemate in Topeka.

A man named “Trickle Down Dick” tells the young woman Kansans should be more “patient” waiting for revenues to rebound.

“If we just give the rich enough money and time,” the man says, “sooner or later less tax revenue will turn into more tax revenue.”

The students suggests the claim is illogical.

The Kansas Legislature has set a record for the length of a session this weekend, with no compromise yet in sight. The state faces at $406 million budget shortfall, and lawmakers can’t agree on a combination of spending cuts and tax increases to cover the deficit.

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