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TheChat: Leaders of both parties agree that John Diehl did the right thing


Good morning.

▪ “Too often we see people who say they're sorry and don't won't take the consequences.” — John Diehl, the outgoing Missouri House speaker, in an interview about his resignation from the speakership and from the House altogether.

It’s hard to give Diehl much credit right now. But give him this much: He did the right thing, and he did it fast.

▪ “An appropriate and necessary step.” — Gov. Jay Nixon, a Democrat, on Diehl’s resignation.

“He made the right decision today.” — Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt, a Republican, on the resignation.

In a rare moment of bipartisan accord, members of both parties agreed that Diehl’s move was the right one.

▪ “I would be freaked out if he didn’t call me by my first name.” — Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, a Democrat, weighing in on a snit over whether President Barack Obama was being sexist in the way he referred to Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

The president referred to Warren the other day as “Elizabeth” instead of “senator,” and that caused Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown, a fellow Democrat, to raise the sexism flag. McCaskill wasn’t buying it. “Silliness,” she said. (link via

▪ “In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have.” — ABC News anchor and host George Stephanopoulos on the $75,000 he donated to the Clinton Foundation.

That’s an understatement. What was George thinking? This is Journalism 101. One consequence here is that Stephanopoulos won’t moderate a Republican primary debate in February. Should there be more consequences? Maybe.