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Mike Parson backs off ban on recording in his committee


Missouri state Sen. Mike Parson has backed off his ban on filming or recording the proceedings in his Senate Small Business, Insurance and Industry Committee.

In a statement late Wednesday, Parson said he plans to “allow any Missourian to perform any type of recordings during our hearings.”

The ban, and similar ones in other Senate committees, are the subject of a lawsuit that Progress Missouri filed. The group said the senators had routinely violated the state Sunshine Law.

Parson, a Republican, is a candidate for governor and a former sheriff.

In the statement, he also said:

“The amazing advances in technology allow for many citizens to act as journalists, and that is something I didn’t fully realize until recently, from Twitter to Instagram, there is a lot the average Missourian is capable of doing to help inform their fellow citizens of what their elected representatives are doing to serve them in a way that shouldn't disrupt our hearings.”