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TheChat: Sly James says America is in love with Kansas City


Good morning.

▪ “America has fallen in love with Kansas City and wants to have its conventions and large meetings here.” — Mayor Sly James announcing the $300 million, 800-room convention headquarters hotel near Bartle Hall.

Maybe a little hyperbole there. But who can blame the mayor for showing a little leg? This is a big deal, and it comes just as the mayor is asking voters for a second term.

▪ “This date was chosen to accommodate the responsibilities presented by, and the unpredictability, of our daily legislative calendar.” — Kansas state Rep. Erin Davis, an Olathe Republican, declaring that a hearing into remarks by Rep. Valdenia Winn, a Kansas City, Kan, Democrat, would be held following the close of the 2015 session.

Davis is chair of a special House investigatory committee that looked into Winn’s remarks on a bill that affected tuition rates of children of illegal immigrants. Winn referred to the bill as a “racist, sexist, fear-mongering” attack on students and that “racist bigots” had backed the bill. Nine Republicans charged that Winn invoked offensive and inflammatory language.

▪ “Military whistleblowers who are brave enough to come forward deserve better than what’s detailed in this report.” — Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill on reports of whistleblower retaliation as the result of the failure of the Defense Department’s inspector general to properly protect them.

The Democrat said it was outrageous that Pentagon’s watchdog had made so little progress on such matters.

▪ “It’s completely justifiable to use the discretionary funds, but quite frankly in today’s world where everything is kind of twisted and turned to look like it’s something wrong when it isn’t, I just said in 2012 to my folks: Listen, let’s just have the state party pay for this.” — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie responding to reports that he had racked up a bill of more than $82,000 from the concessions operator at MetLife Stadium during 2010 and 2011 football season.

Christie’s spokesman defended the expenses, saying they fell into the category of official business.