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Is White House considering Sam Graves for FAA chief? It's news to him

U.S. Rep. Sam Graves
U.S. Rep. Sam Graves File photo

U.S. Rep. Sam Graves wasn't aware that the White House reportedly had him on a short list to head the Federal Aviation Administration, his office said Wednesday.

Axios, an insider political website, recently reported that the Missouri Republican was being considered for FAA administrator, along with President Donald Trump's personal pilot. That was news to the congressman and his staff.

"However, given his background, I can see why folks may speculate that," said Graves spokeswoman Suzanne Youngblood in an email.

Graves is seeking the chairmanship of the House Transportation Committee, not the post as FAA administrator, Youngblood said.

"Congressman Graves is a pilot and long-time supporter of the general aviation industry," she said.

"But he has also made it clear that he is seeking the House Transportation Committee chairmanship, now held by Rep. Bill Shuster, who is retiring from Congress next year."

Asked to confirm whether Graves was indeed on a shortlist for FAA, a White House official said the administration had no announcements to make at this time.