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Jay Nixon to Baltimore: Make it through the short term, then don’t put your head in the sand

Gov. Jay Nixon (FILE PHOTO)
Gov. Jay Nixon (FILE PHOTO) Dave Helling/KC Star

Gov. Jay Nixonwho took enormous heat for his own poor performance last summer in Ferguson, Mo. — said Tuesday that Baltimore should focus on long-term problems as it responds to civil unrest.

“I’ve listened to a lot since Ferguson,” Nixon told reporters in Riverside, Mo. “I’ve learned a lot. And things are getting better. … The real key is to deal with the longer-term issues.”

Nixon said problems with education, employment, and the justice system still plague many cities, including Ferguson.

“There are all these problems that are deeper-seeded,” he said. “My advice is: make it through this short-term as best you can. And then don’t put your head in the sand, but do the hard work. …

“And it’s not easy, OK?” he said, agreeing Missouri hasn’t solve the problems yet.