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TheChat: Emanuel Cleaver ready to hop on board Hillary 2016


Good morning.

▪ “Involved heavily.” — Missouri Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, a Kansas City Democrat, describing his plans for working on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Cleaver famously backed Clinton over Barack Obama in 2008. He’s already talked to the Clinton team about how he can engage again.

▪ “A priority of this office, moving forward, will be to continue the vital work Auditor Schweich performed, bringing the office closer to taxpayers.” — Nicole Galloway, Missouri’s 38th state auditor, shortly after taking the oath of office in the state Capitol.

Galloway paid tribute to Schweich and his spokesman, Spence Jackson, who both committed suicide within weeks of each other. She also promised taxpayers that she would continue to be a “strong, independent advocate in government, fighting for you every day. I will keep that trust.” (link via

▪ “We would like to be able to go with a good business case to our colleagues from the rest of the state to show them why our state employees need a better compensation package.” — Missouri state Sen. Mike Kehoe, a Jefferson City Republican, on the need for a study of state employee compensation.

Kehoe is lobbying Gov. Jay Nixon to fund a $300,000 pay study, which would compare compensation in Missouri to state employees elsewhere. The study is included in the next state budget, which now sits on Nixon’s desk awaiting his action.

▪ “Same-Sex Parents Doom Kids.”— a sign held by Ben Phelps, 39, of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka on Tuesday outside the U.S. Supreme Court, which was hearing arguments on whether there is a constitutional right to gay marriage.

“Whatever some silly government decides to do, you can’t overrule God,” Phelps said. The New York Times reports that he was mostly ignored.