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TheChat: Hillary Clinton needs better relations with the media, and here’s how she can get them


Good morning, Kansas City, home of he big, bad Royals!

▪ “Stop thinking you’re special because reporters are out to get you.” — Jack Shafer of Politico offering unsolicited advice to Hillary Clinton for how she can better handle the media.

Better relations are possible, Shafer notes. And he points out that reporters are, in a sense, out to get all politicians. His third piece of advice: “Host Saturday Night Live.”

▪ “Just happened naturally.” — Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, a Democrat, explaining how she became a surrogate for Hillary Clinton. (link via

McCaskill has been making the media rounds on Clinton’s behalf lately after years of bad blood between the two. The senator insisted that Clinton didn’t ask her to do it, but has more or less volunteered for the job.

▪ “They wrote the budget entirely one night while the two of them played a game of pool, and they actually got down to a position where they made some final decisions based on who got the next shot...” — Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kurt Schaefer, a Columbia Republican, telling a story about how former state Sen. Roger Wilson and former state Rep. Chris Kelly, both Columbia Democrats who headed their chamber’s budget committees, once resolved budget issues.

Schaefer was refuting Democratic criticism that the new state budget was passed too quickly to allow for adequate review. His point: Criticism about how lawmakers deal with the budget has been around a long time.

▪ “As far as I’m concerned, those are dead on arrival.” — Kansas state Rep. Mark Hutton, a Wichita Republican, on the chances that lawmakers will pass higher liquor and cigarette taxes to close a budget gap.

Gov. Sam Brownback has proposed the tax increases to offset declining state revenue. Lawmakers gather again on Wednesday in the state Capitol to resolve the budget shortfall with no clear direction in sight.