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Davis +7, Orman +1 in latest Kansas poll

A new Survey USA poll for KSN-TV in Wichita contains goods news for Kansas Democrats Paul Davis and Jean Schodorf — and for independent Senate candidate Greg Orman.

All three lead their Republican opponents: Gov. Sam Brownback, Secretary of State Kris Kobach, and Sen. Pat Roberts.

The poll was taken after Democrat Chad Taylor’s announcement that he has ended his Senate campaign. The pollsters left Taylor on the ballot, but told voters he’s out of the race.

The results: Orman 37%; Roberts 36%; Taylor 10%; Randall Batson (L) 6%; Undecided 11%. The outcome is well within the margin of error, so the race is far too close to call.

Taylor voters seem to be falling to Orman, although not completely:

“Of voters who tell SurveyUSA that they had planned to vote for Taylor prior to his withdrawal from the race, 43% today vote for Orman, 30% still vote for Taylor, 15% crossover and vote for Roberts, 7% vote for Batson and 5% throw up their hands and don’t know yet what to do.”

In the governor’s race, it’s Davis 47%; Brownback 40%; Keen Umbehr (L) 5%; Undecided 7%.

In the secretary of state race, it’s Schodorf 46%; Kobach 43%; Undecided 11%.

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