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Kansas lieutenant governor Jeff Colyer launches myth-busting tour

Good morning.

“Think of this as a ‘busting myths’ tour.’ I am hitting the Kansas highway to share success stories and correct the incorrect information that is out there about the governor and me.” — Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer on Monday announcing the tour.

Busting myths is a good idea. Colyer could begin with this myth: His boss, Gov. Sam Brownback, again said at Saturday’s State Fair debate in Hutchinson that he inherited a state with only $876 in its bank account when he became governor. But numerous news stories have debunked that as myth. As The Star’s Dave Helling has reported, the $876.05 figure represents the reported ending general fund balance on June 30, 2010, six months before Brownback took office.

“He used to call me twice a year, in his second term, just to talk.” — former President Bill Clinton on Monday on phone calls he received from President George W. Bush.

Clinton said Bush sometimes asked him for his opinion, but disagreed with him “half the time.” But Clinton said he felt good about the calls. “I thought that was a really healthy thing.”

“It looked more like Fallujah than Ferguson.” — Missouri Congressman Emanuel Cleaver on what he recently told Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel about the use of military equipment by police on the streets of Ferguson. (link courtesy of

Cleaver said he doesn’t completely oppose the idea of police departments using military equipment — but only if officers can be properly trained. He questioned whether small communities, such as Ferguson, really need it.

(We) had no head’s up on that.” — California Democrat Loretta Sanchez, a Democrat, saying she was disappointed in President Barack Obama for delaying action on immigration reform.

Sanchez said Obama broke a direct promise he made to the House Hispanic Caucus to act on immigration by August. But she also blamed House Republicans for refusing to work on a bill to resolve the issue.