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TheChat: Claire McCaskill notes that a female candidate for the presidency still faces a different level of scrutiny

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▪ “I haven’t seen anybody yet write on Rand Paul’s hair, even though it’s very interesting.” — Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill speaking about the different level of scrutiny Hillary Clinton will face in her bid for the White House.

McCaskill said “like it or not,” Clinton will face more questions than her male GOP rivals about her hair, weight and outfits. (link via

▪ “Disregarding the strategic importance of Ramadi is a denial of reality and an insult to the families of hundreds of brave young Americans who were killed and wounded during the Surge fighting to free Ramadi from the grip of Al-Qaeda.” — Arizona Sen. John McCain, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

McCain blasted the brass for downplaying Ramadi’s significance even as the city stood on the brink of ISIS takeover.

▪ “It seems to me that proposal is still a long way from the constitutional protection that should be involved when we reach an agreement of this kind.” — Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt, a Republican, expressing skepticism over a proposed deal on overseeing Iran’s nuclear capability.

Members of Blunt’s party are boasting that they forced the administration to “bow” to Congress on the proposed compromise. But Blunt doesn’t appear to be buying it. The deal would give Congress 30 days to review an agreement to curb Iran's ability to create nuclear weapons. The proposal has passed the Foreign Relations Committee and is headed to the full Senate.

▪ “Joe Biden’s still biding.” — a headline on a Politico story about the future political prospects of the country’s vice president.

Biden pointedly hasn’t dismissed the possibility that he still might run for president in 2016. He’s left the door open until the end of summer.