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TheChat: Missouri Democrats and Republicans hail Hillary Clinton’s entry into the White House race


Good morning.

▪ “We are not just talking about a spotlight. We are talking about a thousand spotlights on very high wattage, so every mistake can be called a self-inflicted wound.” — Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, a Democrat, talking about the “unprecedented” scrutiny that Hillary Clinton has endured as a former first lady, senator and secretary of state. (link via

It’s that level of intense focus that perhaps caused Clinton to use a private email account to conduct public business, a move that McCaskill said was due to “misplaced caution.”

▪ “Despite decades in the public spotlight and at least 10 years spent running for President, Hillary Clinton’s record is one of policy failures and poor judgment, from HillaryCare to the recent scandals involving deleted emails from her time as Secretary of State and acceptance of foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation.” — Missouri GOP chair John Hancock on Clinton’s launch for the presidency.

One question that will be answered this year is to what extent Clinton will compete in the Show-Me State. Mitt Romney defeated Barack Obama by 10 points in Missouri in 2012, and the state continues to trend Republican.

▪ “I’m in up to my neck.” — Harry Truman in a handwritten note to baseball team owner Clark Griffith 70 years ago last weekend as he assumed the presidency.

Franklin Roosevelt had just died, and the country wondered about its new leader. But ol’ Harry made Missouri proud.

▪ “What's a boy to do when the Vice President steals your pacifier?” — Georgina Bloomberg, daughter of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who posted a picture of Biden defiantly sucking on her 15-month-old son’s pacifier while he held the toddler in his arms.

The vice president of the United States scores again. (Check out the photo on the link).

▪ “Reversing course on (Obama's) devastating policies must be the top priority for America's next president.” — former Vice President Dick Cheney who has written a new book out in September titled Exceptional: Why the World Needs a Powerful America.

The book is a sharp attack on the president’s foreign policy. It claims that Obama has walked away from a proud tradition of American leadership in the world just as the the threat of terrorism continues to mount.