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With Kansas and Minnesota Capitol renovations over budget, the question is: What will happen in Missouri?

Renovation of the Kansas Capitol
Renovation of the Kansas Capitol

News flash out of Minnesota:

There, work on a major renovation of the state Capitol is over budget by $30 million, lawmakers learned last week.

The issue?

Water damage around the foundation of the Capitol. Crews in St. Paul will need to rebuild two stairways leading into to the historic building and add waterproofing.

Ring a bell, Missouri? In Jefferson City, water is seeping in under the Capitol’s front steps. Lawmakers this month set aide $75 million to fix up the Statehouse and to add office space in a nearby Highway Department building.

But given the Minnesota experience, and the one in Kansas, you wonder if that will be enough. And that could be an issue for lawmakers who have struggled to balance the budget.

In Kansas, you may recall, the total cost of a multi-year renovation project was $327 million, more than double original estimates.

Capitol renovations, as we have learned, are money pits.