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TheChat: Monica Lewinsky wants the world to know that she survived

Good morning.

▪ “That’s part of what I thought I could contribute. That in someone else’s darkest moment, lodged in their subconscious might be the knowledge that there was someone else who was, at one point in time, the most humiliated person in the world. And that she survived it.” — Monica Lewinsky explaining why she decided to give a TED talk.

Lewinsky, 41, (can you believe it) is attempting another public coming out at a time when many people are starting to regret society’s treatment of her back in the late 1990s.

▪ “Having foot surgery tomorrow. No, haters, not to remove from my mouth.” — Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill in a Twitter post last week.

No word yet on exactly what the surgery was or how the senator is doing.

▪ “The way that we’ve gone about this has failed to move the needle at all. We have not changed one thing. We’ve gotten nowhere.” — Kansas state Rep. Amanda Grosserode, a Lenexa Republican, expressing her frustration over a House committee’s inability to repeal the controversial Common Core education standards.

Opponents of the standards, and there are many in the conservative Legislature, were divided over the best strategy to defeat them. Some opponents now predict the state is stuck with Common Core for years to come.

▪ “When the rest of the stuff comes out they were doing, it will be a very interesting continuation of the story.” — Julius Schweich, the 80-year-old father of former Missouri state Auditor Tom Schweich, suggesting that the full story of the events that led to his son’s suicide would be revealed soon.

Julius Schweich opted not to elaborate. But this story is lingering far longer than expected.

▪ “(John Hancock) should be repudiated by all Republicans.” — former Missouri Sen. Jack Danforth urging that the Missouri GOP come together to force out Hancock, the party’s new chairman.

Danforth indicated that he wasn’t calling for Hancock to resign necessarily. Instead, he wants Hancock to be pushed out.