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Schodorf rips Kobach’s ruling on Taylor's ballot status

Jean Schodorf, the Democratic candidate for Kansas secretary of state, on Thursday roundly criticized Kris Kobach, her Republican opponent, for his decision to keep Democrat Chad Taylor’s name on the November ballot.

Kobach, she said in a statement, opted “to ignore the law and force his whim onto Chad Taylor.”

Her conclusion: “The office of secretary of state is in shambles, led by the agenda of one man, Kris Kobach.”

She said the decision made by Kobach shows Kansans that he is partisan and acts with misguided intentions.

“He only considers what is best for his personal agenda,” the Democrat said. “This stands directly against what is best for the people of Kansas.”

She also criticized him for ignoring the counsel of his own employees, one of whom reportedly told Taylor that he had properly completed the paperwork to withdraw from the race.