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TheChat: Will Mike Parson enter the race for Missouri governor?


Good morning.

▪ “If Senator Parson and his wife, Teresa, chose to make that decision, he would be a formidable opponent.” — lobbyist and former House Speaker Steve Tilley on the possibility that state Sen. Mike Parson of southwest Missouri might seek the GOP nomination for governor. (link via

Rumors that Parson might enter the race are bouncing around the state Capitol. Parson took to the floor of the Senate following state Auditor Tom Schweich’s death to bemoan dirty politics that he said now grip the state. Other Parson allies also are talking about his potential candidacy.

▪ “We are going all out to oppose it.” — AFL-CIO President Richard L. Trumka on his vow to block a major free trade pact in the Asia Pacific that President Barack Obama is backing.

Trumka said organized labor would not forget those who abandoned labor at this crucial point. He said the agreement would lead to lower wages and job loss.

▪ “Across the country, Republican governors and legislators are bringing their tax dollars home and implementing innovative market-based reforms to Medicaid, while Missouri gets left behind.” — Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon in Kansas City Wednesday pushing for reform of Medicaid.

Nixon’s call appears to be falling on deaf ears. Republicans appear to have no interest in taking such a major step this year, and it’s already too late in the session to build momentum for such a bold move.

▪ “A city’s primary mission is simply to effectively and efficiently deliver core, essential services to the public’s front doorstep. This mission doesn’t typically lend itself to partisan or ideological debates.” — Salina City Manager Jason Gage on Wednesday opposing a call to require candidates for local elections to declare a party affiliation.

The Kansas Republican Party is pushing the idea as a way to increase voter turnout. Opponents say the change would usher in the same brand of negative politics that play out at the state level.