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Peter Kinder rips Jay Nixon on Ferguson crisis

Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder roundly criticized Gov. Jay Nixon’s handling of Ferguson Monday morning on a Philadelphia radio talk show.

“The governor has, frankly, disappointed a lot Missourians in his repeated media appearances and has seemed to be behind the curve time and again on this matter,” Kinder, a Republican, told Chris Stigall, a former Kansas City radio host, on Talk Radio 1210, WPHT.

Added Kinder:

“He has appeared tentative and sometimes weak and sometimes confused. At a minimum, it seems to me that the taxpayers and citizen of Missouri have a right to expect that each level of law enforcement is communicating in real time in this critical situation with each other.

“Instead, they constantly seem to be surprised.”

Kinder also said Nixon, a Democrat, was slow to alert the National Guard.