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TheChat: Donald Trump adviser clarifies the name of upcoming tour


Good morning, and happy weekend.

▪ “Thank America Tour.” — Donald Trump spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway making sure reporters got the correct name of an upcoming tour that the president-elect will take after Thanksgiving.

Another aide had described the trip as a “victory tour,” but Conway clarified that. The tour will focus on swing states that flipped from blue to red last week.

▪ “Well we nailed em.” — Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill on Twitter writing about Democratic efforts to stop Republicans from restoring earmarks.

Republicans are now talking about another vote on earmarks sometime during the first three months of 2017.

▪ “Love trumps hate.” — one of the chants at a demonstration this week in Columbia, Missouri, where about 400 people marched.

Protestors also sang “We Shall Overcome” and “This Land is Your Land.” (link via

▪ “If you’re looking to be an outsider, I would be quite a pick to fit that.” — outgoing Kansas Congressman Tim Huelskamp about the possibility that he could become Donald Trump’s agriculture secretary.

This would be an ironic twist. Huelskamp was kicked off the House Ag Committee in 2012 for his regular criticism of Republican leaders. Now, he says, he’s been approached by Trump’s transition team about the job. Huelskamp lost this year’s GOP primary for the 1st District congressional seat in western Kansas in large part because of his ouster from the committee.