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TheChat: Missouri runs an open records test...but did it work?


Good morning.

▪ “Overall, the results were extremely disappointing.” — Missouri state Auditor Nicole Galloway on a test her office performend in which it sought public information from local governments around the state.

Just 30 percent responded in full to the open records request.

▪ “Certainly I’m the underdog.” — Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, a Democrat, looking ahead to her 2018 re-election race.

Whether she can win a third term will depend on Donald Trump’s performance the next two years, she said. McCaskill added, “My party has done a terrible job of communicating how hard we are working for people in hourly jobs.” (link via

▪ “The new American majority really did make up the majority of voters for the first time, and they helped Clinton win the popular vote. But their late pull back upended the pollsters’ key assumptions about turnout.” — Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg attempting to explain why the polls were so wrong last week.

Greenberg concludes that Hillary Clinton’s late focus on incrementalism didn’t do the trick.

▪ “I am pleased the President-elect understands the importance of revitalizing the American economy.” — Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback in a statement about Trump’s tax plan, which is strikingly similar to Brownback’s.

Critics, such as former Kansas budget director, disagree. Duane Goossen, a former Kansas budget director, says the Kansas budget is broken.